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Hello, and welcome to - Woodworking Online!

This site was launched in January 2003 and is designed to educate and inspire woodworkers of all ages.

Its run by young woodworker James Mulvany who is passionate about the craft and has been enjoying it for over 4 years, his skills have lead him to write for nationally published UK magazine 'New Woodworking'. If you would like to help or contribute to this site in any way, please use contact.

The 2 most popular sections are the how-to, and the tools sections, but please feel free to look around for as long as you like, and contact me with any comments, its fantastic love to hearing from readers.

Enjoy the site

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Tools On Test:
- Bessey GRZ Clamps
- WHDirect £1 Range
- Fox Mortiser

- Drinks Table
- Step Stool (with MD)
- Make a Router table

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WoodMail - Coming Soon... Wood Space - Coming Soon...