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How to make a basic and rustic bird box...

One day there was a boy called James. He lived in Surrey, it was a beautiful sunny day. He ran a web site called 'SAWDUSTALLEY' and decided to make a BIRDBOX, for a little wooded area in his garden.

This is a really simple project, probably my first proper project was one of these. We have 2 in our garden, I thought i'd add a third the day after easter.

This is a really simple green woodwork project, its a great thing to start with or to do with your kids! I choose to make most of this out side as it was a lovely sunny day plus it kept me in touch with nature :-)

I first went and bough a 2.4m sawn, treated board. Nice and cheap. For more details of all the measurements see the plan.

Lets start with measuring the back section. This will be 400mm, I will then use the try square to square my mark across the board.

You can use a hand saw, but power tools are more fun and faster! So i'm using my small trim saw to cut all the sections to length.
Here you see, I have cut the back and front.

The 2 sides are going to have a slope for the roof. The angle is not important, just set your bevel gauge and draw a line. Again I will cut this with the circular saw.

The bottom of the roof pitch must be level with the top of the front (See next pic)

Now its starting to look like something. You can see what I meant. We have a problem shown by the bevel gauge. The roof will not lie flat. So into the workshop we go.
I've use the bevel gauge to set my table saw blade here, i'm cutting the angle on the top of the front.
See? Perfectly flush!
Cut the roof section allowing it to over hang the front of the box, thus preventing water getting in.

I've cut the same angle on the back of the roof section. This will enable it to butt tightly against the back of the box.

While we're in the shop, I set the drill press up with a 30mm forestner bit, this will cut the whole in the front for the birds to enter and exit their new home!

I'm also taking the opportunity to cut 2 holes at the top of the back. These will take the wire or twine which will hang the bird box up.











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