Drinks Table - Part III

I am using my 1/4" router with a bearing guided bit in the collet.

This will create the chamfer, the bit cuts material away at 45°.

I am using my sexy black non-slip router mat to keep the work still!

I really like the finished look. The router can give excellent results which really improve the look of the piece, in just a few minutes!

So at the end of the day, I'm happy. I now have 2 fantastic looking leg assemblies. Tomorrow I will join them together with another tenon.

I have created a mini stretcher, this will be mortised into the 2 feet and hold them together neatly.

I have created the same chamfer effect with my router to soften the look of this part.

I have cut 2 mortises. Again the legs are mirrored, identical on either side.

Some more of my wonderful poly glue, and a clamp while it sets.

Now to start work on the top, I have setup a straight router cutter in my router table. I have set it to the required height with the excellent Woodpeckers Unilift.

This makes really easy height adjustment. See it here.

I ran a groove along some more pine stock. This is going to form the frame of my top. Slats will slide into this groove, and also tongues to hold the frame together.

I am using my tape measure to measure and mark out the lengths of the sides to form the top frame.

Remembering as I want it to be square, I am going to compensate for the thickness of the materials, and also accommodate for the length of the tongue.

(In other words i'll have 2 long bits and 2 shorter bits!)

Chop Chop!

I'm over at the compound mitre (or chop) saw. I am cutting my parts to length.

See, as I said. 2 are shorter than the others. Confusing huh?

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