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How to prepare and apply a beautiful finish to your work.

Finishing is a very important thing. It draws out the natural beauty of wood, and at the same time helps to preserve it. There are many on the market, and today we're trying a new Organic product. It's an oil and it's made in Australia out of organic plan oils and the like - Great stuff! Smells nice as well!

Before we start to apply any finish, we need to make sure our wood is ready to accept it. I'm going to start preparing the wood with my orbital sander. I will start with a 60 grit disk (Which is quite rough) and work to a 100grit.

These sanders are good, they do not scratch the wood, especially when you have 2 intersecting grains on the door.

Notice that it is hooked up to a vac. I'm also wearing a mask and goggles for safety.

There are many sand papers on the market, and it can be a bit confusing. You don't need an electric sander like mine.

You can do it by hand. Remember start with a course paper and work to fine (higher grit)

Its always best to finish by hand, I've let the sander do the bulk of the work.

You should sand up to 220 grit or there about's. For best results.

Now its time to go and raid the kitchen bin. Use a plastic container to hold the finish. This is the easiest way, and saves alot of mess.
This is new for me. I've seen these before and decided to get a few. They are foam brushes designed for applying finish to wood, and I can say after this. THEY ARE GREAT!
Just a little oil at a time, if you over do your brush you will end up with too much on your wood, and it will not absorb it - therefore it won't dry.
As you can see, I'm finishing a small medicine cabinet made with old pine, with a mahogany panel in the centre of the door. Similar to the oak one I made here.

Apply the oil WITH the grain, and in long even strokes for best results. Ensure that you apply the finish evenly and generously.

You can see the difference the oil makes to the old pine and mahogany panel, it really en-riches the wood and makes it look alot more pleasing.

10 minutes later, go over it with a dry paper cloth, to remove any excess residue or oil.

This will also give it a matt shine.

I hope i inspired you to go out and have a go at finishing, its alot better than leaving wood bare, and you are really doing justice to the wood.

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