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How-to make a small Oak wall cabinet...

This is the first full project on this site. I'm going to take you through the basic steps of making a small cabinet. I will be demonstrating many tools and techniques. I will try to explain as well as i can, but if you have any trouble or questions please contact me.

I hope this will inspire you to go out and have a go it can be easily achieved in a weekend. This project is quite simple with basic techniques...

The first step is to prepare your wood. I passed all the edges of my oak through the jointer to make sure it was all nice and even and square.

The first step is to mark out the wood. I know the sides are 400mm high and I want it to be 250mm wide. Details are on the plan at the end.

TIP: Use a SHARP pencil for accurate lines !

I'm now going to use my try square to square my lines. Again i'm using a sharp pencil.
Over to the chop saw we go. I've set it to be accurate and the cut is at 90 degrees.
I've cut the 4 pieces for the main frame. I'm going to join them together using biscuits. It's important that they all align, so i'm measuring exactly half way (51mm) After this I can use a square to draw my index marks.

These are the biscuits i'm going to be using. They are No. 10 biscuits. (Actually I lied the ones shown are no. 20's. I took the picture then changed my mind !) Silly me !

I've set the biscuit jointer up to cut No. 10 slots. Notice i'm using my small combination square to keep it all accurate and square. Here i'm cutting a slot in one of the side pieces.
Its important to remember that the top and bottom pieces must have the slots on the ends. NOT the inside faces. It's important to get this right !
Well look at all of these lovely slots ! You can see the different slots The 2 standing up are the top and bottom, with the slot's cut in the ends. The 2 lying on the bench have slots on the inside faces.

Now I'm ready for some assembly. I'm using 4 biscuits, 2 Bar clamps and the glue. I'm using a polyurethane glue.

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