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First of all. I'm applying the treacle like glue (Don't eat it !) To the biscuit slots on the 2 side pieces. There are 4 slots in total. I'm also putting it around the slot.
After I've put the biscuits in their slots I have to remember to put glue on the biscuits themselves.
On the top and bottom parts, i'm not putting any glue. I'm brushing a small amount of water on. This particular glue actually cures in the presence of water. It will foam out as it cures.
As you see here I've started assembling the frame. I've just put the top and bottom parts on to one of the sides.
I'm now putting the other side on.
Now it's time for some clamping. I will leave this to cure over night.

Before I do, I need to check it for square. The mallet is to hand incase of the worst.

It's spot on - so now I can go and have a cup of coffee !

As you see here. My polyurethene glue has dried and foamed. The foam is hard and I need to remove it with a SHARP chisel.

Don't eat it !

Out comes my beaten up belt-sander, a good sanding to even everything up and smooth the sides.

Out comes my Random Orbit Sander, I will use this with a higher grit paper, this will make it even SMOOTHER !

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