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Using a Pocket hole jig...

This is a trend pocket hole jig, you can buy them in many shapes and sizes and they are very useful. They guide a drill in at an angle, this drills a 'pocket hole' Click here to have a look at some of their uses.
Firstly I adjusted the 2 guides, I did this using the allen key provided with the jig. I set them close together as the wood I was using was relatively narrow.
I set the collar provided on the drill bit. It's important that you set this to the right depth. If you set it too high up you will hit the base of the jig and also go through the wood.
The jig has a toggle clamp attached I set this and clamepd the wood up-right in the jig.
Drill the holes. Using the guides - the drill should be set to a fast speed.
The pocket holes should look something like this (Without the cheesy grin!)
Before screwing the workpieces together clamp them down to a surface - this will creat a flush, strong joint.
You have to use special pocket hole screws, these are self tapping and don't split the wood. They have flat heads. Usually they are square drive - this is good and prevents slipping, though you do need a special driver bit (Usually supplied)
Drive the screw home, don't over do it as it may well split the wood - just snug it up.

This is the completed joint. I joined some pine and oak together. The results are strong, Professional and accurate. This jig is fantasic - it produces very quick and fool-proof pocket holes.

Buy one here (£49.95)

Uses of pocket holes:

This is exessive - but you can assemble a whole table !
Connecting and reinforcing butt joints.
Use to connect frame work. A 'T' joint.
Convex and Concave boards.
Table tops
Mitre or Angle joinery.









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