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Here is a nice little project for the decerning gardner, its very simple to build, and will only take about a day. Also the wood we are using is cheap, treated, and sawn. Which means it will look green and rustic - but the main thing is, that it will survive the English weather! (Rain)

It is a planter display unit, its like bookshelves - only not for books!

The first step, is to cut all of our wood to length. But before we can do that we need to do some accurate marking up. I'm going to cut 12 parts in total. 6 will form the sides, and 6 the shelves. Use a sharp pencil, square and accurate tape measure.

I'm using a wide, treated board. These will be made into a wider panel.

Here, I'm using the circular saw, to cut the boards to length, following the line I drew carefully for greater accuracy

You can see here, that I have cut 6 longer parts for the sides, and 6 shorter parts for the shelves. I've been working outside, because it was a nice day - but also the dust from treated wood isn't good for you.

Note i'm also wearing safety mask, goggles and ear protection.

Now its time to head back into the workshop, where I will construct the rest of the unit.
Before we can start to work on this unit, we need 2 side panels (3 boards wide) and some shelves. I'm using a water proof polyurethane glue, which is very sticky and like treacle. It will foam up when it cures.
For a good and even bond, I'm spreading the glue evenly over the surface. I could use a brush - but I've opted for the cheap off cut stick method.
As you can see, I'm using bar clamps to glue the panels up. Make sure you tighten them enough to get a good bond, but if you over do it - all the glue will squeeze out.
Because this treated softwood is all a bit knarly and messy, I'm clamping a couple of scraps either side at the end, this will keep the boards as flat as possible, but there will still be some irregularity's.
Here you can see the 2 sides and 2 of the shelves. One shelf is only made up with 1 board and will not need gluing. This glue takes about 1-2 hours to dry, and 24hrs to fully cure.

A few hours later, the glue has foamed out - you can see it is an off white colour. It has turned hard, and I will remove it with a paint scraper.

You can use a chisel or small plane as well, but I prefer this method.

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