Part V
Guide fence continued..

Now it is time to join the 2 parts of the fence together, it is crucial that these are exactly 90 degrees to each other.

I am using the wonderful dowel max jig to create a good strong joint. The just is affixed to the timber and will act as an accurate guide for my drill. The 2 work pieces will then be joined with 6 dowels in this case.


Before I go ahead and join the 2 parts, I am going to round the corners with a round over bit in my router.
As you can see this leaves a professional finish on my work and will prevent the fence from binding with my work as I pass it through.
Here are my 2 final parts which will form the fence.
I am applying glue to my joints.

Looks like a perfect fit. I will clamp the parts once glued, and leave the glue to cure.

The router table will then be ready for some serious woodworking action!

I would like to say a very big thankyou to Woodpeckers for providing such a fantastic device for adjusting the height of my router bit and also Makita UK (Lawson-HIS) for providing the 3612CX Router used during this project.