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Step Stool from reclaimed pine - Part II

The stretcher I am cutting on the band saw, you can see the shape I am cutting. This will point downwards.

Again, you can use a jigsaw or handsaw to cut this shape if you don't have a band saw in your workshop.

I did a "rough cut" on the band saw, cutting slightly to one side of my line. I am now cleaning it up with a hand plane.

Here is where I am using the miller dowel to join the parts together.

The dowel kits supply you with all you need, and are fairly cheap.

They provide a special stepped drill bit which matches the profile of the dowels.

I have clamped the parts in place and i'm drilling the holes.

Miller dowel - Click here for review...

The miller dowel's are ribbed, this provides a great grip for the glue.

I am using glue on the miller dowel's only, nothing on the wood itself, as I want it to be able to move freely.

The Miller dowel's are hammered in place, tapping them down draws the wooden components together.

Notice also, I am using a dark dowel (Black American Walnut). Not only are these strong hardwood, but the contrast will make a feature.

I use a japanese saw to trim the excess off.
Finally, using a sharp chisel I am pearing the dowel flush with the surface.
After the leg assembly was assembled, I then clamped the top down and repeated the process.

Now our bench is structurally complete, its time to sand it down. I will be using a wax to finish this, I am sanding to 360 grit.

I am starting with my random orbit sander with lower grits, to remove the grime from "ye oldie woode".

I will then go onto the finer paper, using my palm sander.

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