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Woodworking can be a potentially dangerous hobby, some of the machines used can be a hazard if abused.

The techniques demonstrated on this site are open to everybody. Woodworking is dangerous and some machines can cause serious damage to a person if mis-used.

I accept NO responsibility for any damage caused while following these demonstrations. You follow these entirely at your own risk.

Some of these techniques require removing a guard, which can be highly dangerous if you are not careful and again I will accept NO responsibility.

Do not attempt to use machinery properly until you are happy with using it.

If in doubt seek any necessary training before approaching a potentially dangerous tool

Remember to always wear the correct safety gear when operating powertools or machines of any type, these include:

- Suitable eye protection (Goggles, Safety Glasses)
- Hearing protection (Ear defenders or plugs)
- Breathing protection (Dusk masks, should be P2 or greater in most cases)

It is also advisable to use dust extraction if at all possible, please remember that fine air-bourne sawdust can be explosive - therefore it is not a good idea to have naked flames in the workshop.

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