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Woodworking sites - Sites like this one with lots of hints, tips ideas...

UK Workshop - Full of information for begginers to experts
UK Woodworking - The UK woodworking community on MSN - You woodworking starting page !
Woodwork Projects - Good for project ideas
Woodworking on the Web - Another UK based woodworking site with many great ideas and links. Great for begginer to expert woodworkers.
Free plans - Lot's of woodworking plans - good for inspiration
Absolutely Free Plans - Lot's of woodworking plans - good for inspiration
New Woodworker - Vast amounts of american woodworking info - v. nice...
UKW Webmail - Get your free woodworkers email address
WoodShopDemos - GREAT site, lots of guides - Well worth a visit!
Geoff's Woodwork - Site, for students of woodwork, with lots of helpful data and links.
Woodworking Resources - Woodworking related news, books and web resources.

Woodworkers homepages - There are alot of individual homepages around which are good for getting inspiration and insight into other peoples workshops and projects.

Rod Butler - As seen on TV series Boyz in the wood
Sonnys Shop pages - American woodworkers site - With some great ideas
Hawkmoths site - Quirky English site with some good stuff
David Charlesworth - A furniture Guru, teacher and editor of the furniture and cabinetmaking magazine
Jacob Butler - Period joinery, sash windows, doors etc...
Mad Marks woodshop and forum - Another US woodworkers site...
Ben Huggins - Designer/woodworker as seen on TV.
Bob's Dust Bin - Check out another american site bob's dustbin all about his shop and projects...
Jesters Court - A UK page - meet Jester, she's got some nice hand tools :-)
Drus Shop - Nice site, with lots of information...
Bob's Woodworking shop - Great site with alot of insprational ideas

Online stores - Where to buy your tools from. There's alot about...

Axminster Power Tool Centre- THE mail order catalogue for woodworkers!
Rutlands - Good for all sorts of tools, lot's of well known brands at good prices.
Screwfix - Good for tools and other bits and bobs - GREAT prices
Lawson-HIS - Based In Hampshire - Great selection of good tools, very friendly. Good offers!
Toolman - The toolman has a good selection of quality new and second hand tools
Buck and Ryan - My local tool shop. Great selection and always helpful
Warehouse direct - Located in scotland very simular to screwfix.
D&M tools - Lot's of powertools and a good catalogue
The Wood Shop - Supplier of high quality woodworking supplies
Vale Veneers - A great range of veneers !
Xpress Construction - Great company, good service, prices, tools - what more can I say ? - US supplier of competitivley priced, quality tools, with fast delivery ! - For all you workwear needs - Check the great range out!

Manufactures websites - Who makes the tools you buy ? Find out about their latest products and news...

Joseph Marples - Maker of fine marking tools
Makita - Professional power tools
DeWALT - Professional power tools
Trend - Uk manufacture specialises in routing...
Lie Nielsen toolworks - Produce high quality hand tools
Startrite - Make REAL machines !
Ferm - Sold by screwfix - make some good tools
Earlex - Sell great shop vacs - made in England - In fact made in my town :-)
Metabo - Make a great range of powertools. Including the powergrip.
Perform - Sold by Axminster Power tool Centre
Bessey - Make possibly the best clamps on the market
Fiddes - Make loads of finishes !
Stanley - Founded in 1843 - They know something about tools - Especially knifes !
Record - Manufacture of Hand and Power tools.
Hydleman - Online UK distributer of the famous Bessey Clamps - Take a look!
WoodPeckers - Supplier of high quality routing table lifts, incra jigs and alot more. Well worth a click.

Miscellaneous - Theres lot's of other usefull sites about...

Mirror Crafts - An interesting website. About the craft of working with mirrors! Take a look!
Imagenary tool store - Some great tools here - really useful!
Wood For Good - Woodworkers should support this. "1 Tree is cut 2 trees are planted"
Vintage Games Woodworking Plans - Woodworking plans for board games.
Amanda's Website - Here is one of my friends site. Some laughs to be had :-P
Two Swords - A three way guide to UK themeparks.
Lydwood - We provide a CNC routing service with 10 CNC machines. Small batches are no problem.
Hostlab - If you want good web hosting, at a good price - this is the place.

Special Thanks to...

Metabo Power tools
Stanly Hand tools
Axminster Power Tool Centre

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