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Over the past 6 or 7 years, home improvement and D.I.Y related programming on UK TV has really kicked off - there are now a whole host or programs geared towards the keen DIY er, and there is a small haven on digital and satellite television for the discerning home woodworker...

Discovery Home & Leisure offers a number of programs for us UK woodworkers, and it seems that they are picking up on it pretty sharply. Woodworking TV was basically started in the USA, when in the late 80's/Early 90's a series called "The New Yankee Workshop" was released, presented by Master Carpenter Norm Abram - It really has set high standards, as we watch him in the dream workshop whittle up some very attractive furniture.

So here are some of the most recent offerings from this side of the pond, and what I think of them...

David Free - The Great British Woodshop
The Workshop John Built - With John Revell

Setting up a workshop? Then this may well prove very handy to have on video. 5 Part series, with brilliant trips out and much useful advice also.

David Free - The Great British Woodshop
The Great British Woodshop - With David Free

Arguably the Best UK woodworking show so far produced, good projects mainly (Some a let down) and very good demonstration.

Paul Bradburn - Cutting Edge Woodworker
Cutting Edge Woodworker - With Paul Bradburn

Paul Bradburn produces some wonderfully inspiring designer furniture.

John Revell - Johns workshop
Johns Workshop - With John Revell

With some well known skilled guests, former radio DJ John Revell presents an interesting show with some good projects.

Dennis Smith and James Sweetman
Smith & Sweetman - With Smith & Sweetman

Former lecture (Dennis) and former student (James) produce some truly excellent projects, craftsmanship is great.

All of these shows are shown on Discovery Home and Leisure.

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